TPDIN-SC48-20 V2

Discovery Tool

The Discovery Tool will find the TPDIN® on your connected network so you can access it even if you don’t know the IP Address.  We created a new Discovery Tool based on Java so it will work on virtually any platform: Windows, Linux, Apple IOS

Discovery Tool Version Release Date Description
2.6  (JAR File) January 4 2021 Added uptime for devices
2.5  (JAR File) Feb 18 2020 Added support for additional products
2.4  (JAR File) Feb 11 2019 Java Based Discovery Tool ( Windows, Linux, MAC)
1.1  (ZIP File) Oct 9 2012 Original Discovery Tool ( Windows EXE Only)

TPDIN-SC48-20 V2 Firmware

TPDIN® 20A MPPT solar controller with Gigabit 802.3at PoE switch, 802.3at PoE Outputs and remote monitoring and control, Shipping AFTER June 17, 2019.

Access the unit webpage and confirm the model on the Monitor page. It should be “TPDIN-SC48-20 V2”. Download the latest firmware from this website and then access the unit webpage and goto the upgrade page, select the downloaded firmware file and upload to the unit. It’s that easy. Note: Please right click the link in your browser and select “Save Link As” to download firmware hex files.


We are now making our beta firmware available for your testing. If you have any test feedback please email

Beta Version Release Date Updates
No beta available
Released Firmware Versions:
Firmware Version Release Date Updates
2.0.3 (HEX File) Feb 14 2023 Firmware updates now use HTTPS instead of HTTP.
Improved firmware update web page.
2.0.2 (HEX File) June 16 2022 Aux 48V turns on in two steps: 24V for 200mS, then 48V.
Added short circuit detection for AUX port.
2.0.1 (HEX File) May 25 2022 Fixed an issue with the I2C driver causing a current reading and turn on issue on ports 1-4.
Fixed an issue with the Log not displaying on slower networks.
1.1.8 (HEX File) July 22 2021 Fixed reset hang issue cause by undocumented change by Microchip PIC
Added ability to choose first port to powerup and the delay between port powerups
1.1.7 (HEX File) June 15 2021 Added charge current and temperature limits to system page.
Fixed some bugs with I2C communications with POE Controller.
Improved the log page layout and integrated graphs.
Re-enable automatic updates after server reconfiguration.
1.1.6 (HEX File) January 4 2021 User & PW 24 Char limit. Added reboot reason code to Log. Increased the Bulk charge timeout from 3 seconds to 300 seconds (5 minutes). If the Float current is > 2.0A for 60 seconds, it will switch back to the Bulk stage. If the Monitor page data fails to load, it will retry after 10 seconds.
1.1.5 (HEX File) July 30 2020 Added support for 4094 VLAN ID, VLAN Trunk bug fix, Auto firmware update check, Ethernet link indication, Port 1-4 current display
1.1.4 (HEX File) March 10 2020 Added Switch support for VPN and charging support for Li-Ion Batteries. Fixed some bugs.
1.1.3 (HEX File) November 26 2019 Added watchdog timer to UI, Fixed SNMP Community String Bug, Changed community string limit to 30 character, added additional Telnet functions (Reset, Monitor)
1.1.2 (HEX File) October 28 2019 Added SNMP Function, Increased low voltage timeout, Improved alert function
1.1.1 (HEX File) August 19 2019 Fixed graph hang, last entry missing from log, incorrect log labels, log time sync, LED init
1.1.0 (HEX File) August 6 2019 Fixed various bugs and improvements – See Release Notes Below
1.0.0  (HEX File) June 18 2019 Initial Stable Release