Please check current firmware version before attempting an update. You can check the current version on the System Configuration | Basic Information Page.

To upgrade the software on the PoE switches, download the new firmware to your computer, open the switch web interface in a browser, navigate to System Configuration and then File Upload. Choose the correct firmware file that you downloaded and upload to the unit. 

Do not disturb the update or it could brick the switch.

TP-SW8GAT/BT/24-SFP  and TP-SW8GAT/24-SFP manageable PoE switches with AT and BT and 24V Passive PoE ports

Firmware Version Release Date Updates
v6.4.9 February 2023 Added LLDP settings to the UI
v5.9.2 January 2022 Original Release


The MIB file gives a definition of SNMP structure for the TP-SW8GAT/BT/24-SFP and TP-SW8GAT/24-SFP manageable PoE switches

SNMP MIB Files May 2022