TPDIN-Monitor-WEB (Legacy)


Discovery Tool

The Discovery Tool will find the TPDIN® on your connected network so you can access it even if you don’t know the IP Address.  We created a new Discovery Tool based on Java so it will work on virtually any platform: Windows, Linux, Apple IOS

Discovery Tool Version Release Date Description
2.4  (JAR File) Feb 11 2019 Java Based Discovery Tool ( Windows, Linux, MAC) – Stable Version
1.1  (ZIP File) Oct 9 2012 Original Discovery Tool ( Windows EXE Only)


TPDIN-Monitor-WEB (Legacy) Firmware

Our original TPDIN® remote monitoring and control system

SNMP MIB File: The SNMP MIB file defines the OID’s used in the TPDIN-Monitor-WEB. This is useful if you are pulling readings or controlling relays via SNMP. 
Download SNMP MIB File, OID File

Firmware and Webpages are a matched set. Upgrade the firmware first and web pages second:

First download the latest firmware (HEX) and web pages file (BIN) . You may need to use “Save Link As” to download the files.

The firmware is updated using TFTP. The command format is “tftp -i PUT ‘Tycon Firmware Filename’.hex”.
When the Web Voltmeter is first powered up it will accept a TFTP upload on IP Address within 3 seconds of powerup.
Power up the unit and within 3 seconds, start the TFTP command to upload the firmware to the unit.

To update the webpages to the latest you need to access the unit with a browser and enter the units IP address and “mpfsupload” like <IP ADDRESS>/mpfsupload. This will open a page where you can select the web pages file to upload.

Firmware Version Release Date Updates Firmware Hex File Web Pages Bin File
1.1.15 Oct 31 2016 Fix issue with periodic email alerts Download Download (no change)
1.1.14 Jun 28 2016 Fix issue with SNMP read time and SNMP crashing. Download Download (no change)
1.1.13 Mar 15 2016 Fix issue with MAC Address first Byte intermittent read. Download Download
1.1.12 Oct 27 2015 Change timezone to allow fractional decimal. Download Download
  Nov 09 2015 New Web Pages File to add a checkbox to disable switch confirmations   Download
1.1.11 Sep 17 2014

Changes to Control page email alerts. 

Note: This update will overwrite all previous Control and System Page settings

Download Download
  Apr 19 2015 New Web Pages File to display hostname in browser tab   Download
  Aug 20 2015 New Web Pages File to fix field too small problem with Safari on MAC   Download
1.1.10 Jan 16 2014   Download Download 


Release Notes