EZ-Bridge® LT5+ and EZ-Go5+

(Gen3 16M:   EZBR-0516+, EZGO-0516+)


This NEW firmware has many features that can be used for all EZ-Bridge® LT2+ and LT5+ models with Gen3 16M or later hardware.

You can tell which GEN you have by looking at the Model in the discovery tool or the Router Model on the units STATUS page.

*Please note that this new firmware is a complete re-write of the WISPOS Firmware so the look and feel is completely different.

TyconOS Discovery Tool

This tool is written in Java so it is cross platform compatible. You must have Java loaded on your computer for this tool to work. You must also have TyconOS Firmware loaded on the units.

Version Release Date Summary of Changes Discovery Tool
v 2.5 Feb 18 2020 Fixed some minor bugs Download
v 2.4 Feb 12 2019 Corrected issue with multiple connected networks Download
v 2.3 Jul 14 2018 Original Release Download

EZ-Bridge® TyconOS 5GHz Gen3 16M Firmware

The firmware has an A side (Access Point) and a B side (Station/Client). Refer to the software manual for more information before loading this new firmware.

We highly recommend updating the remote unit first and local unit second.

Release Notes

TyconOS Firmware Version Release Date Side A (139) Side B (239)
v 2.4.24 Mar 30 2020 Download Download
v 2.4.23 Dec 16 2019 Download Download
v 2.4.22 Mar 28 2019 Download Download
v 2.4.21 Jan 02 2018 Download Download

LT2+ and LT5+ SNMP MIB File

The MIB file gives a definition of SNMP commands that are available in the LT2+ and LT5+ wireless antennas

SNMP MIB File Aug 30 2015